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Skalo Chalk CHUNKY 300g

Skalo Chalk CHUNKY 300g

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  • Made in Europe
  • For Climbing
  • For Bouldering
300g Skalo Premium Chunky Chalk - this super dry chalk will leave a comfortable thin layer of chalk on your hands and keep them dry for longer!
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Recommended through personal experience:

AfriKat loves Skalo!

I've been using Skalo's Chunky Chalk for several months now and am totally in love. I generally prefer the texture of chunky chalk and this one sticks particularly well.

My hands sweat easily so I was very glad to find an affordable chalk that gives me such an even and long-lasting chalk-up!


Skalo's promise

Skalo has dedicated themselves to using the consumption created by our climbing sport for Good: the profits from each pack of Chalk that Skalo sells are donated to charitable organisations involved in education, healthcare and the providing of basic needs.

What you need to know about Skalo Chalk:

Product details

Quantity: 300g

Contents: Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide

Supplier: Skalo Climbing

Produced in: France

Packed in: Germany

Instructions for Use:

  • Only apply on Thands.
  • This product is intended to dry skin.
  • Not suitable for eating.
  • Keep away from eyes.

Our Bundles are available in all of your favourite colours:

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