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Welcome to AfriKat Chalkbags!

My name's Katharina, but please call me Kat!

My hobbies include: bouldering, travelling, cooking, and creating cool products out of thin air!

One day, a climbing friend was admiring the cushion covers I'd made from the ShweShwe fabrics from my South African childhood, and said,

"Hey Kat, these fabrics are incredible. Can you make me a chalkbag out of these?"

And thus, AfriKat Chalkbags was born.

Tell me more about these awesome fabrics!

<< Actual photo from my first ever bouldering session!

I discovered climbing when I moved back to Berlin, after having spent my childhood and teen years in sunny South Africa.

At a time when I wasn't entirely sure where I belonged, a good friend invited me for my first ever bouldering session, and I was instantly hooked.

The idea of combining the vibrant South African fabrics with my love for climbing - that was a combination I'd never expected, but that worked out so well!

In climbing, a tiny adjustment such as the position of your pinky finger on a nasty crimp can make all the difference for your send.

At AfriKat Chalkbags, we take the same approach of obsessing over the details to our products as you do to your project, whether it's indoors or ourside on the rock.

Our chalkbags are more than just gear. They're an expression of movement, community and the joy gained by reaching new heights together.

Whether you're a seasoned climber or a beginner boulderer, when you carry an AfriKat Chalkbag, you have with you a piece of our love for climbing and our dedication to craftmanship - wherever you go.

Enjoy climbing, send hard - and have fun selecting your new favorite chalkbag!


Founder of AfriKat Chalkbags

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