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The Chalkbag

The Chalkbag

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  • Handmade
  • For Climbing
  • For Bouldering

The classic AfriKat Chalkbag with a pocket, two brush looks, and soft fleece lining - perfect for climbing or bouldering!

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Let's take a closer look at our Chalkbag:

Excuse me -

Got some chalk?

Sure - and lots of it! The AfriKat Chalkbag is large enough to accomodate all hand sizes, meaning it has a wide opening and lots of space inside. You'll never be running on empty with this one.

And to ensure your chalk stays where it's supposed to, you can easily close your Chalkbag with the stopper cord.

Got everything?

I do now, yeah!

No more worries about losing your locker key or leaving stuff lying around with the handy little back pocket that our Chalkbag has. The pocket is just about large enough to fit a Clif Bar that you can comfortable munch on during your session.

Doesn't fit...

...doesn't exist!

With the two differently sized elastic loops on the Chalkbag's edge, you'll never run into the problem of not being able to attach your brush to your Chalkbag. You can also use these loops to attach a small carabiner for small stuff such as keys, tape or a skin file.


So so soft!

No, sadly I'm not talking about the holds on your latest project - I'm talking about the Chalkbag lining made from soft anti-pilling fleece. Chalking up has never been so comfortable.

And: thanks to the stiffened Chalkbag edge, you'll be able to easily access your chalk on the mats or on the wall, ensuring a quick chalk-up for an easy send.

We are:


With the optional Chalkbag Belt, you and your Chalkbag will become inseparable - BFFs for life! The belt is available in a bundle deal as well as individually.

A piece of home

With the colourful ShweShwe cottons

AfriKat is the fusion of my love for climbing and my childhood spent in South Africa.

The vibrant cotton prints will convince you not just through their unique colour combinations, but also with their sturdy feel.

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Product details

Technical details

  • Stiffened edge
  • Fleece Lining
  • Suited to large hands too


  • Two back loops for belt
  • Belt available in bundle deal or separately


  • Cord and stopper


  • Small back pocket with velcro seal
  • For your essentials

Additonal features

  • Two brush loops made of 3mm elastic cord
  • Differently sized to accomodate your brush perfectly



  • Outer: 100% cotton - authentic South African "Three Cats Brand" ShweShwe fabric; produced by Da Gama Textiles ZA
  • Lining: 100% polyester - black anti-pilling fleece
  • Logo: SnapPap vegan leather alternative

Care instructions

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Care instructions

Material information

  • ShweShwe cottons are printed using traditional printing methods. This gives the fabric a characteristic feel and smell, which will disappear after the first wash. To retain the characteristic stiffness of the fabric, we do not pre-wash the fabrics for production. This means that washing your bag MAY result in fabric shrinkage of up to 8%. Although the fabric in itself is perfectly washable, it is for this reason that we recommend surface cleaning or at most, a cold hand wash, to remove any stains.
  • This product is a combination of cotton and fleece fabrics. Both have a certain degree of permeability so that over time, some chalk bay permeate through the fabric. This is not regarded as a product defect.

Care instructions

  • We recommend surface cleaning or a cold hand wash
  • Iron on cotton side on lowest setting
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach or treat chemically
  • Do not dry clean

General care instructions

  • Keep away from fire and other strong heat sources
  • Keep away from oils; stains such as cream can be removed using soap and cold water

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