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The Chalkbag with <3

AfriKat is grounded in movement - and in a culture that is moving. We care about:

  • Hand(crafted) over my heart...

    From the design to the cutting to the finishing touches - it all happens in our small chalkbag factory in the middle of Berlin. For us, craftsmanship has charm and it gives us the greatest pleasure to see how a piece of fabric becomes your next faithful companion for bouldering or climbing. Every chalkbag that leaves our sewing table combines our passion for movement and our enthusiasm for good craftsmanship.

  • With South African Soul:

    The authentic ShweShwe cottons from my South African childhood are not only gorgeous to look at. The vibrant prints delight with their robust feel, and the colourful and detailed patterns that have their origins in the traditions, people and nature of South Africa. We use authentic ShweShwe fabrics from Da Gama Textiles in South Africa, where they are printed using the original methods.

  • So practical!

    We don't believe that a functional and reliable product needs to look boring. Instead, we're looking for ever new ways to incorporate practical details into our Chalkbags that you have probably missed using other products! That makes our Chalkbags into trusty companions not just for beginner climbers, but also for seasoned pros with a high standard for their gear.

As a climber, I know that small improvements can make a huge difference...

... and I apply the same attention to details to every product I create. When I first started making chalkbags, I started combining the patterns from my childhood with what I knew a chalkbag needed.

I believe that we shouldn't have to sacrifice beauty for practicality. That's why I created AfriKat Chalkbags, to offer you the unique combination of bold and vibrant fabrics, solid craftmanship, and nifty details that support your climbing session.

This is how it all began.

Our Chalkbags are hand made in Berlin:

  • Theresa says:

    "Super beautiful bag, particularly the large front pocket is very convenient. And I'm the only one in my bouldering gym who has such an amazing chalkbag!"

  • Corey C. says:

    "I got the bag over the weekend and was able to use it for the first time today! I gotta say I am thoroughly impressed. my expectations were pretty high [...] but WOW is this thing built solid. It feels like it will last a lifetime!"

  • Mykal says:

    "I am thrilled with these chalk bags! Exactly what I wanted. They are sturdy and beautiful!"

  • Worldwide Shipping

    We deliver to wherever you are or where your next climbing adventure is waiting for you.

  • Authentic ShweShwe

    We only use the authentic Three Cats' Brand ShweShwe fabrics manufactured using traditional methods by Da Gama Textiles in South Africa.

  • Our Own Production

    Everything you get is handmade by us - starting with the design, all the way to the final packing steps on your order. So that you know what you're getting.