Hi there! My name is Kat, and I'm the creator of AfriKat. Having grown up in South Africa and spending over 15 years of my life there, I am very close to South African Art and Culture.


In the past couple of years, the beautiful South African ShweShwe fabrics have been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance and are being used more frequently in the fashion and decor industries. After making some pillowcases to decorate my home, I was inspired to share these beautiful fabrics with as many people as possible. 


I want you to experience these colourful patterns and the amazing quality of the fabric in the same way I have, and pour my heart into each of my creations.  


I have been a passionate climber and boulderer for several years now, and I have always asked myself how to give this passion even more room in my life.


When I started this website, I was initially selling pillowcases and pencilcases. A good friend then asked me if I could also make chalkbags because he really loved the fabrics, and that's how AfriKat Chalkbags was born! A few weeks and lots of research and trial & error later, and the very first ShweShwe Chalkbags by AfriKat were ready to be sold.


These chalkbags are now available all over the world through this website, as well as through a few selected partners. I am delighted that I could combine my passions in this way and hope that this shines through in each of my products!